FX Wireless Radar Pocket Chronograph With Bluetooth For Airguns

FX Wireless Radar Pocket Chronograph With Bluetooth For Airguns

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FX Airguns Pocket Chrony or radar technology based bluetooth chronograph. 

This compact FX Pocket Chrono designed by FX Airguns Sweden  is an easy to use, wireless bluetooth speedometer or chronograph that uses doppler radar technique. The difference in the frequency of the reflection of this radar beam on the pellet, will give a accurate estimate of the pelletspeed. This technique does not require any additional lighting to make the measurement
The FX Pocket Chrono can be connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet working with iOS or Android.  The free FX Radar App can be downloaded in the Google Play store or Apple App Store and will help you through the setup process of the FX Radar Chronograph.
After installing the app it will guide you to place the speedometer in the right place.
The chrony can display metric (m/s) or imperial (fps) readings and it will calculate the power settings based on pelletweight and pelletspeed. It is suitable for arrows, airgun pellets and BB.

The power for the FX Pocket Chrony will come from 3 AAA batteries (Not included)

We expect to have them in end July 
To see the video please checking below link: