Digital pressure gauge G1/4 BSP (250 bar working pressure)

Digital pressure gauge G1/4 BSP (250 bar working pressure)

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Digital pressure gauge, 1/4" BSP bottom connection and 250 bar working pressure.

Although this gauge is an "economical digital pressure gauge" we used them in our workshop for years and they are accurate and reliable. They have a high-precision sensor and they show the pressure accurately in real time. This digital pressure gauge has several functions like;  zero clearing, backlight, on/off button, units selection and low voltage alarm.
These gauges can also be used in combination with the Huma-Air regulator testers.

Technical specifications of this digital pressure gauge:

Pressure Range: 0-250BAR/25Mpa/3600PSI;
Accuracy: 0.4%FS;
Long-term Stability: 0.4%FS/year;
Overload capacity:<10MPa 200%;≥10MPa 150%
Supply:3V two A battery, not included.
Battery life:12-24 months
Samping frequency:2T/S
Backlight color:white
Protection Class: IP65
Functions:backlight,on/off,units change,zero clearing
Size:100mm x 66mm x 37mm

The gauge is shipped in a box with proper insurance.